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I want to respond to Michael and Palangi.

Mike, I have turned the rotors on both of my 420's and it cured the problem. Bingo first time every time. The rotors are not really warped they are just dont have even thickness. Turning them will make them have even thickness. And it works. Yes it does remove a small amount of material but if you look at the percentage removed it is less than 5%. You would not be able to measure the difference in performance aspecially at normal levels. Im not talking about stops from 150MPH. Obviously he put new rotors on the car and look at what he got.

Palangi, as far at the lug nuts go I have observed the following to be true: The lug bolts on that car can no way exert any force on the rotors. The lug bolts are threaded into the hub for the bearings. The rotors are bolted onto that same hub with their own set of independant bolts. The rotor does not even touch the wheel in any way. So overtorquing the wheel bolts applies no additional force to the rotor. I have heard about over torquing lug bolts but I dont buy it, at least on this model. The idea that the torque on the lug bolts could warp the hub which in turn could warp the rotors at an impossibility in my opinion.

Correct me if I am wrong. I frequently am. But I need good eviedince that makes a solid case.
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