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Thanks for your replies..

Firstly, I am gonna keep the car for a long time, I've only had it 10 months, and I'm only the second owner, and the original owner had the car maintaned by my dad's garage. I think I will go for the hella lights.

Thai GI - By clear corners, I mean indicators / turn signals with clear covers, but amber bulbs so they still flash amber.

Are corner lights in the US the orange ones which are on whenever the engine is running? Sorry for the confusion! We don't need 'corner lights' then, just 'indicators'. As long as the lights on the car light up the correct colout no-one minds how they look when not lit. Neon is kinda allowed, depending on how nice your local traffics cops are!
Don't know about firefly.. the don't set rules for every possible situation over here
VAT is 17.5 % all over the UK (except I think in Ireland). I also don't think you pay it if you order overseas.
And MOT-ing my car is not a problem.. my dad does it, and I do the rest of the maintenace.

As for OEM clear indicators, did they ever do them for the 190?

later + thanks!

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