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According to their chart my C36 is faster than your 500E. Remember these numbers vary depending on driver skill, testing conditions, and manufacturer vehicle variances. Buying a car that will do 5.5sec 0-60 doesn't mean it's going to happen every single time just like a light switch. Or that all models of that vehicle will do. This is specially so with manual transmission cars. The other day at the dragstrip there was a 93 500E that wouldn't break into the high 14's. The best he could do was 15.1. It was a hot day, 95 degrees, but my C36 did 14.8 without any adjustment to the car(like lowering tire pressure, brake torquing, cool down engine, etc) and while waiting in line with the A/C on. Car and Driver got 5.5sec 0-60 for the 500E while Road and Track got 6.2. Car and Driver adjusts their times to weather conditions while Road and Track prints them without any weather adjustments. Therefore the real test of who's faster than who is out there on the street.