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Piece of cake!!

How about an ultra-sonic transducer mounted to a socket? If you could mechanically attach the transducer/socket to the bolt head the Ultrasonic vibrations should be transmitted to the bolt. Ultrasonic vibrations could loosen whatever is locking the threads. Let it run for awhile then check it? Pulse it? Attach it to a programmable motorized ratchet that would provide tightening/loosening cycles?

If some one doesn't invent this how will the George Jetson ever get the bolt and nuts loose on his vintage Mercedes Benz. I'm sure a savvy E/M E could work up this solution.

But seriously if you ever do get that bolt out or any nut off an exceptionally good product to use any place dissimilar metals are in use is a product called Tef-Gel that might be available from West Marine. It is a Teflon gel/past that comes in a large hypodermic needle. It has been used for a longtime in aerospace and aviation to prevent galvanic corrosion and the associated galling. I got mine years ago for a Pratt & Whitney worker. I've used it in marine application with great success for years in extremely corrosive environments. Any place you have a steel fastener and alloys together this is the stuff to use. I'm slowly treating all the fasteners on my aluminum headed 603 motor. Good luck, and let me know when that ultrasonic loosening apparatus hits the market!!!!
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