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W124 (1990 300TE) Tips, Please re Self-Leveling Accumulator Replacement

My 1990 300TE (152,000 mi) has the pogo-stick, harsh rear end performance suggesting accumulator replacement required. From what I read here and in the MB Service Manual (S-2350-124) this task appeared very simple -- so I picked up some new accumulators and copper gaskets (for the banjo bolts). However, the simple Service Manual instruction: “Disconnect pressure line (S1, S2, P4) at accumulator (4) using open box wrench” ... is easier said / printed than done.

I’d welcome tips from anyone who has tackled this job on a similar vintage vehicle (these 12-year old connections are frozen solid). I have initiated some penetrant treatment on all exposed fittings, but there is not a hint of give in either the hydraulic line fittings or the banjo bolts (and I don't want to butcher either). With the hydraulic fluid and pressurized accumulators I am reluctant to put any serious heat on the hydraulic line fitting or banjo bolt. Any professional tricks / tools / recommendations / special procedures? Thanx much ...
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