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Question Discharged

I have a 1988 300 CE. The car was working fine until I took it to Circuit City to have a Viper 550 ESP alarm sytem (with remote start and keyless entry) installed. It took the installer 3 days to figure it out (with the vacuum locks and more). On day 3, he finally gets it working and I drive away happy until I get home. A few hours later, the car doesn't start and the battery appears to have totally discharged (died). I had to keep jumping the car to start it, so I finally bought a brand new 12.8Volt Die Hard battery at Sears. Only after 4 hours the brand new battery dies - something is draining the battery.

What is the cause of this? Could it be the alternator not providing enough charge to the battery? I didn't think it could be because I disconnected the battery after getting the engine running and it still kept running. But I think I have narrowed it down to an improper car alarm installation. Go figure, it took Circuit City 3 days until I could pick up the car! Perhaps the wiring is totally off, a loose wire touching something, ???

I'm not sure where to go from here? I'm not trying to spend a fortune on a new alternator; I just spent almost $400 on a car alarm system that just seemed to cause a ripple effect. I'm worried also that the perhaps this "improper" car alarm installation may have caused permanent damage to my engine. What's a female to do now? HELP!!!

I'm going to Circuit City tomorrow to yell at them and find out what the heck is going on here. All I wanted was a simple car alarm system that worked (since my car just got broken into two weeks ago)....what luck I have, huh?

Help a little lady out in Virginia....
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