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okay .. I think I should illustrate the problem more clear. Okay .. I will now divided the whole driver seat in to three portion. The head rest , back protion and the seating protion.
The back protion is bolt on to the seating protion, and there is where the problem excess. The right side of the back support protion ( where the adjustable arm rest located) is kind of leaning backward or could be the left side is too much forward. Which makes the back support unbalance !
Everytime when I put my weight on the arm rest, the seat will be back to normal. But as soon as I let go of the weight the seat will move back to the same position as it was. Which is very uncomfortable !
I am not sure if the back portion is twisted or not , I haven't remove the seats yet. ( would such removeal cause fire ? )
I really hope someone would help me solve this problem, because it hads been a while.
Thank you for your time