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rotor mileage

The brake lining wear indicator just came on in my CLK. I called the dealer to book an appt. In talking with the tech, he tells me that it will probaby need rotors. I was a little surprised at this, as this I am still on the original pads. There is no indication the rotors are warped.
I was a mechanic for years, and did hundreds of brake jobs, so I some knowledge of the workings etc.
I will want them to do an inspection of the rotors, and to check for thickness, runout, etc.
He also mentioned they do not turn rotors anymore.
Then he said that I was lucky to get 60,000 KILOMETERS out of the pads. Most only make to 40-50. I found that hard to believe.

Does anyone have the specs so I can be prepared for the inspection. I would be less than impressed to have to buy new rotors for a 1999 MERCEDES that has only 60k on it. I have had chevys that I drove MUCH harder than this car do far better than that.
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