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He probably miswired the alarm. And something is staying on, maybe the trunk light or something, though i would think it would not be draining the battery in such a short time.

My suggestion would be to organize to have it looked at by a shop that knows how to install alarms in a meredes.

All he had to do for the locking mechanism was tap into the trunk lock to get the door locks and trunk to lock with the alarm.

The only other item would be the sensors and ignition kill for the alarm. The remote start system could be leaving computers and such running at all times. you never know.

I have a friend who installs alarms all the time. Its really not that hard until you start adding all the extras, like windows opening and closing, door locks to some cars, and remote starting etc. Knowing which wires to tap into is the key, and testing wires is the key.

Lets just hope that he somehow did not massacre something in your car when learining how to install ina mercedes.

When I have alarms installed, I have it do the basics, arm, disarm, kill ignition, shock sensing, and door locks. I leave flashing parking lights off, and I leave chirping off. I prefer it to arm silently and not flash the parking lights.

An alarm should not take more than a few hours to install, not a few days. Obviously the guy is still learning or just has no clue how to wire a benz. I would talk to them and find out if he has installed alarms on a mercedes before. If he has not, I would suggest you try to get a refund and the alarm uninstalled and the car reverted back to how it was before they wired the alarm. If your problem still persists, then the alarm may not be it, but it sounds to me like this person just did not know how to wire a benz properly for an alarm. not that it should be much different than any other car, but it is different and can't be wired up just like any other car, it must be done carefully.

I would definately look into a shop that specializes in alarms and has worked on mercedes before. Perhaps this problem is new, but I would think that somethign is just not right with the alarm based on the fact it was not happening before.

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