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I don't have the specs handy but brakes on MB are definitely a different maintenance item than many cars. Their pads often only last 20-30k and its most common to need a set of rotors at the second set of pads.

Both items are especially cheap by comparison with other cars and are basically disposable. They are not designed with the extra weight (thickness) to be remachined (most manufacturers now note that the best/least brake effort comes from worn rotors - they have the smoothest surface - the roughness of the standard machine cut reduces braking significantly).

This brake philosophy produces excellent brakes that constantly are renewed through life and are light enough to facilitate the marvelous suspensions MBs use. Unfortunately if you want truck brakes you will probaly need a truck suspension to do it right.

Don't feel bad the parts are probably cheaper than most Hondas and Hondas have some real brake problems.
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