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He's right. I got 60,000 kilometers out of my pads, and the front rotors. The rear rotors had lots on them, so I left them on.

My dad's 98 C230 had the rear's done at 50K, and the fronts at 60K, including rotors.

On most late model W202-derived cars (C220/230/280 and CLK) the brakes seem to last a maximum of about 60,000 kilometers.

Don't turn the rotors. Why bother? It usually runs $30-35 to resurface them. Don't know about parts prices for the CLK, but my front rotors were about $60 each.

At Weber, a brake job for my car is:

4 hours labour = $320.00
Front pads = $100.00
Rear Pads = $60.00
Front Rotors = $120.00
Rear Rotors = $90.00
Total = $690.00

Weber offers at least 10% off labour and parts, and 15% on brake jobs.

$690.00 x .85 = $586.50 for all four corners, parts and labour included. Seems fair to me. Rotors for my Acura were $150 EACH. For our 'ol 626 they're about $80.00.

BTW, our E-Class is at just over 50K, and last time I looked the fronts looked to be at 25% or so.

MB brake parts just don't last very long. At least they're cheap (compared to other import cars) and I think that it's worth it to have such good brakes.
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