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Well since no one here knew how to accomplish this I thought I would post what I discovered for other new people out there.

You do have to remove the plastic front bumper to get at the horns [this will also give you access to the light wipers and a dozen other items].

The good news is that the front bumper is held on with only four bolts, two of them are the hood bumpers directly to the side of the electric radiator fans, the other two are visable just behind the bumper access panels directly below the above two bolts [one of these access panels covers the front tow hook], the extreme left and right side of the bumper where it wraps around the side of the car rides on a plastic channel. Remove the four bolts, grasp the bumper and just gently pull forward, it comes right off. Refit is exactly opposite. BTW, this is a one person job.

I removed the two horns and applied 12 volts, both were dead. BTW, they are NOT the same P/N one is a 400mhz horn and the other is 500mhz horn.

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