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Thumbs up Details on ADS shock replacement

Sounds like to me you pretty much got it. Jack her up remove wheel then 4 bolts on the bottome of plastic cover. If you have ads there will be a hose that connects to a hose coming from the shock. Before you loosen the shock bolts make sure you loosen the conecting fluid line from the car to the shock hose. If you cant get it loose you got problems. I think they were a 17mm and a 18mm wrench? After you get the fluid hoses loose make sure you have somthing to catch the oil. Then loosen bottom bolts and top bolts. Then remove shock. You will need another small jack after you put new shock in to raise the bottom spring to meet the bolt holes. Get the top bolt started then jack up the bottom put the jack where the plastic cover goes. Then use the new bolts that came with the shocks. Make sure you buy fluid before you start. My fluid was very dirty so I siphened almost all out from resivoir and replaced with new. It's been 3 days since I did it and no failure yet so I guess I did it right?
Good Luck

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