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oil additives

When I switched yesterday to Mobil 1 synthetic, the mechanic added 2 quarts of Risalone additive, which he swears by; says it will slowly remove engine deposits. I read now that Mobil says not to use additives with Mobil 1. Any thoughts on whether I should just leave it alone until the next regular change, or replace the oil sooner, or even immediately?

As a general question, what does everyone think about additives in general? I've also put some Golden Eagle (I think that's the manufacturer) stop leak product in my transmission and power steering. Its supposed to condition the seals and possibly stop leaks. I think it might be very slightly effective, but I'm not sure. I'm somewhat concerned about the long term effects, however, of whether it might in fact do damage to the seals. I think the product does help my transmission shift smoother.
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