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Wink Yes just be patient

1. If you had the original on vehicle you would have to cut it off yes? As long as you don’t cut it to short you’re OK. You should be able to have about 70-80 MM to insert the center muffler into the new rear muffler if you did it right.
2. The clamp should be torque to 25 NM.
3. It should be OK, If you cover the rear muffler (about 7-10 seconds) with your hand right after start you should feel pressure, take your hand away then a rush of pressure. Sounds something like this: soooump!…..pizzzzz……pushelll!
4. It should be a water leak (results from having a catalytic converter) from that spot. It takes a month or so for the two parts to “rust seal” together.
5. How do I know I did this twice on my 190E, once in Iceland when I was stationed there, and the other here in Maryland to pass state inspection. Same results both times.

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