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Question Flashers

The flashers do not work on my 88 260E California with the lights on or off. The high-beam works how ever. Itís no big deal but I need them to work for inspections. I did the following test and no luck yet:

1. I did the search on this and couldnít find anything new.
2. If the high-beam works, the path should be clear from the bulbs all the way to the switch (high-beams, flashers, turn-signal, windshield wiper combination switch), is this right?
3. To test the switch for high-beams I Ohmed out pins 1 to 2, push lever forward for high-beams = good tone and connectivity. Is this right?
4. To test the switch for Flashers I Ohmed out pins 11 to 2, pull lever backward for Flashers = good tone and connectivity. Is this right?
5. Should I be checking for the amount of Ohms too? I just got the DMM on the diode setting and listening for tones only.
6. Check the combination relay by switching it with known working relay from my 190E, it works on the 190 but the relay from the 190 didnít do anything for this vehicle. So the relay is good.
7. The windshield wiper unit works correctly.
8. There is no ďlamp faultĒ indicated on the dash when I pull the lever backward for Flashers. Also the high-beam indicator doesnít flash when I do this.
9. Anything else Iím missing here?

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