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Thumbs down 560 SL Headlamps

My '88 has the standard headlamps, that as we all know, are not the best here in the new millenium.

Several months ago, I asked for a lead on replacing the headlamps with a brighter product. I got a guys name (web site) and this guy knew everything about headlamps and all other light bulbs on all cars. He was a genius and had a web site that was phenomenal (sic). Unfortunately I lost the web site.

The deal was that you purchased the lamps and a minor electrical change needed to be made by slicing the existing headlamp wires and inserting some sort of circuit assembly to get the power that is needed to pull off this change.

I don't want to go to Euro's as I want to keep the standard appearance.

Anyone ever heard of this guy? If so, How do I find him again?

Thanks in advance!
1988 560SL
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