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Does anyone have the timing specifications for this camshaft? (It’s not in the CD)

I seem to come up with some strange ones from time to time…

I am putting the new head on my engine, and I need to get the camshaft timing figured out. While I have this engine torn apart, it seems like a good idea to get the cam timing spot-on instead of relying on the relatively crude method of lining up the timing marks on the cam tower & thrust washer.

My car has a camshaft that is not listed in either the service CD or in the Haynes manual.

It is stamped with “code #11”. There are specifications listed for cam numbers 00, 05, & 08, but nothing for 11.

In addition to the timing specifications, does anyone know what application this cam is specifically for? The car is a 1984 300D. The engine has not been replaced; it is a California version – perhaps that is the reason for the odd cam. Maybe this is the camshaft for the 1985 (higher output) engines? I don’t know…

I hope that someone enlighten me with some information on this… Thanks in advance!

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