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Unhappy Help! I Need Some Repair Pricing Information On My 93' 500sel

Hi & thanks for looking and for your input. I have a 1993 500 SEL and need some input on repair and pricing. Please include hours and a fair labor rate. These repairs would be done at the same time. I just need the breakdown if possible. Here are my questions:

1) Labor and parts to replace the timing chain (roll a new one in) and replace the four upper guides as well as the two guides that sit between the intake and exhaust cam sprockets. This is the guide that sits on top of the head and located between the intake and exhaust cams. The top guide broke, a part of it got between the cam sprocket and the chain and caused it to become out of time only on one of the intake cams 2 degrees. The front timing cover will not have to be removed in my case as they are rolling a new chain in.

2)Labor to R & R all four cams and clean the oil rails/tubes that supply oil to the cams.

3)Labor and parts to remove the front sump oil pan to clean, inspect for debris and install a new strainer.

4)Labor to install two new rear shock/hdy cyl upper bushings/dampners.

5)Labor to install the lower control arm bushing kit which covers both sides in the front end.

6) Labor and parts to R & R the transmission and reseal a leaking front pump and replace the reverse clutches.

This car has been in the shop for a couple of weeks for the upper 5 problems. I go to pick it up and now they tell me after the test run they noticed the front pump has started leaking. What would cause this to happen? If the transmission was over full, would it leak from the front pump?

Thanks you very much for any input you can provide
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