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I've never cleaned out the intake other than when installing a reman engine. There is a special tool for reaming out the glow plug hole in the pre-chamber though. I only use it if the glow plugs are hard to remove after unscrewing.
The best tools to have available to do this job is a 10mm flexible socket, 1/4" drive for the nuts on the electrical harness, and a 12mm mid-deep socket (not shallow, not deep, the in-between depth, a 3/8" drive would probably be best, if you can find one that is a flex socket, that would be good, I get by with a universal joint attachment on mine.
If you are familiar with the throttle linkage on this car, you can disconnect the pivot that's near cyl #3 and drop it down out of the way, this makes things easier to get to on cyls 3&4.
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