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Correction for all of you!

It is not the car I am worrying about. It is the fact that the car looks good on the Internet (EBay) and I have no way to check the integrity of the Seller or the mechanical condition of the car from this distance. Baltimore to Scottsdale!

He has or had a beautiful BMW 635 Csi and I had an interest but the Auction would down before I could get the things moving to get the car checked out!

I am more concerned about the Broker!

I would love an Arizona car. I just don't have a way to evaluate it from 2500 miles away! Nor can I evaluate the Seller. Feedback on EBay means nothing!

I was hoping someone had experience with this guy or knew of him in Scottsdale or maybe even bought a car from him at one time or another!

Thanks for the Help! Sorry I mis-led you all!
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