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Angry Cold start problems

Hi everyone! New here. Seems like a great site with many great advice. I currently have a problem which I'm sure has been asked before. Yes I did a search, but couldn't find a specific answer to a possible solution. Hope someone can help. I have a 1987 190E 2.6 with about 150,000 miles in it. It is a rough estimate because the odometer stop. I purchased the car back in 1997. I'm not a mechanic, but knows the basic tune-up. Starting the car during the cold mornings seems to take about 6-8 cranks with some extra gas pumps to get it started. When it starts you get some shakes in the engine. But once it is warm and running. It runs great!. I have had the car for about 5 years and waited to replace some of your basic tune-up parts such the spark plug wires, distributor, rotors, and fuel filter, from what i remember, because of the cost. This past week I went ahead and spent the money and replace all what I mentioned above including new spark plugs & air filter. Thinking that it may help the starting problems. I haven't finish replacing the fuel filter, but the result after changing the above parts hasn't change. It's still hard to start. Is the car getting too old? As far as I know the alternator & starter are still the original. I feel after spending the money on the tune-up, I feel that I should have gotten better results. Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.
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