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It wasn't the EACM

Sorry this post has been delayed. Some of you have been e-mailing me for a progress report. It hasn’t been positive! The new fuses and connector-cleaning held off the gremlins for five days. That was pretty good, I thought - just long enough to get my hopes up. After the symptoms came back (on light acceleration from a stoplight, level road, heavy traffic), I decided to buy-and-try the EACM. The EACM that was in my car is an original part number 124-545-07-32, version K9, manufacture date 10th week of 1991. The new one is a superseding part number, 124-545-45-32 originally specific to chassis numbers from 840529 (mine is 766858). It is software version K13. I installed it myself. I planned to bring the car in to my interested independent tech to have the remaining diagnostic codes read and the ‘check engine’ light reset. As it turns out, the EACM didn't do the trick; on the 5 mile trip to the shop, the ASR/ limp home symptoms recurred. This may have been because I didn’t know about the reprogramming time required upon reinstallation of the module - 90 seconds with ignition on before starting the engine. But after my tech reset the system, it still goes into ‘limp home’ mode.

I feel like I took some chances, to save some money, by turning to an independent after I got sick of spending dealer-dollars. The dealer was going down the same path I saw others on this forum followed (first the harness, then the idle speed control, then the throttle actuator), so I thought I could see where it was headed. By following the threads here and making my own diagnosis, I gambled that I could spend less installing the parts myself, or having an indy install the parts, but that meant committing to the cost of the throttle actuator and then the EACM, which was purchased at a discount but nonreturnable. I might have done better to stick it out with the dealer, who had offered to do a trial with a new EACM after MBNA refused to warranty it. So with a new harness, new throttle actuator, new idle control, and now a new EACM, nothing has solved the problem yet. The car goes into ‘limp home’ mode just about every day. This morning the car is headed back to the indy, who has been doing his own research. Looks like the next suspects are faults in the CAN bus or the other modules. Any advice out there?
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