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DTC codes. . .

where were they read? From the Diag Module or from the EA?

Model: 124.036 1992-93 EA Module (Pin 7 on 38 pin)
7: CAN data bus signal from EA/CC/ISC, ABS/ASR, HFM-SFI or LH-SFI (right or left)
control module faulty.
6: Starter lock-out/backup lamp switch.
2: EA/CC/ISC control module (N4/1) or Safety contact switch (M16/1s1) or Stop lamp
switch or Cruise control switch or Actual value potentiometer or Starter lock-out/back-up
lamp switch or engine speed signal or vehicle speed signal or closed throttle position
switch or safety relay in EA/CC/ISC control module.
96: ???
224: ???

Model: 124.036 1992-93 DIAG Module (Pin 19 on 38 pin)
2:Oxygen sensor faulty
6:Idle speed control faulty
7:Ignition system faulty
17: Data exchange fault between individual control module

DTC 7 would cause the problem since the EA must communicate with the LH-SFI directly and others indirectly. Check my page, menu #2 for EA and #1 for overall engine management block diagram.

Hope you can get it fixed soon!
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