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Ok I was able to clear the code by holding down the button on the X/92 connector for approx. 10 sec.

I attempted to diagnose the engine electronics. Here's what I gathered:

With ignition ON, engine not running:
EHA: 60mA
Duty Cycle on pin#3 of X/11: 85% (correct for Calif. car)

On Cold Startup:
EHA (while cranking): 70mA

Warm up:
EHA: mA gradually decrease over a period of a min., min. and a half
Duty Cycle on pin#3 of X/11: steady at 54%
Idle Control Valve: 990-1000mA
RPM at pin#1 of X/11: 980

Operating Temp:
EHA: hovering back and forth around 2-3mA
Duty Cycle: hovering back and forth around 54%-62%
Idle Control Valve: 990-1000mA, with A/C on 920 mA
RPM at pin#1: gradually increasing to 1130

The car suffers from a high idle speed and hard cold starts. Cold crank times around 5-7sec.

I'm trying "real" diagnostics... what's the probable cause for the high idle? I examined the Idle control Unit under the front passenger foot rest. Pulled it out and cleaned it and resoldered the joints. No change in idle performance. Also cleaned the idle control valve and put new hoses on it. Still no change.

Any help is appreciated as always...thanks

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