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Serious Tech Help Needed

Hey Guy's,
I could really use some help from you MBZ Techs.

I have been reading and looking for answers and am very confused.
I was just going to replace my transmission, but figured if I could save that expense, the money could be used for other "goodies" for the car. Here's my problem, I had my trans serviced about 4k ago, filter, fluid, and modulator. I took it on about a 100mi ride on the turnpike, got off and when i came up to a light it started to slip in first gear, but only if i got into the pedal, if i slowly accelerate it is fine and shifts thru the rest of the gears fine.
Does this sound like it is shot? Every place i have called says it needs a rebuild, but im not convinced yet given what i've read in the forums. Maybe the B-1 piston?, modulator adjustment?, other type of adjustment?
Slips only in 1st, but always shifts fine thru the rest of the gears.

Please help before i spend 1500.00 on something that could have been fixed.
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