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Unhappy Circuit City damaged my car...

I just heard back from Circuit City and after 9 hours of looking at my car, they could NOT figure out where the current was coming from. They took off the alarm system and still the current was there. So they definitely damaged my electrical system. But here's the good news....

They agreed to refund everything and also pay for any repair costs that resulted from their faulty installation.

Now my next feat is to find a reliable MB dealership or repair shop in my area to fix their mistake. I've already posted up that request in another forum, but if you know anyone off hand in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, or Norfolk, VA, then please let me know.

I'm still not satisfied because I still don't have an alarm. I'm just glad that they admitted to their faults. I learned a lesson to be more cautious of who I let touch my benz.

Thanks everyone for your input/advice. I love this site! It's awesome!
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