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Question Weird Climate Control Quirk

Climate control (AC) was working fine during my drive... later I turned it off. A short while later (minutes or whatever), I turned it back on... the unit lit up and worked properly, but there was NO airflow... no nothing. I checked the voltage to the blower via the N-22 read out (hold REST), [menu # 8], and it flashed 8 and then would flash NOTHING (s/b voltage). Hmm, so I was a little confused. I then turned the Temp to HI, and heat came out; heat worked as normal.
Later on, I had the car off and tested the diagnostic codes via the PBU also (Rest + (front) Defrost), and I got the same 4 diagnostic fault codes (28, 60, 80, & 82, all "intermittent") that are always in the system (rendering it irrelevant, partially?). Well a short while later, while driving, I turned the A/C on, and it started working. The Climate Control has been working (AC) ever since... so I must be in the clear regarding that...!

Well when, and after, this problem occurred, I noticed the dash (no center, only side) vents would open on the freeway when driving at a high speed... but they would close moments later! This is still happenning... from time to time the driver side & pass. side dash vents open for a few moments and then close when driving fast.
And to add to that, whenever the Climate Control Unit is switched off, there is a random annoying high-pitched squeak that comes intermittently and lasts for a few seconds... if I hear the sound, and quickly turn the CC on, the noise ceases.
ONE last little thing... this "problem" has come to my attention in the past 10k miles or so: After turning off the car (thus CC turns off), the vacuum flaps close as designed... but about 5 or 6 seconds later, I will hear another vacuum flap close (sounds like passenger foot well (feet heat or recirc?)...

I'm assuming I have a vacuum leak in the system somewhere...
Any pointers?
Thanks a bunch everyone!

(((I swear, the moment my A/C started acting up, my stereo stopped acting up! Atleast I got some good with the bad... )

I truly appreciate everyone's help... and a special special Gilly! You're great. :p
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