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European headlight leveling system

This is my first time to use this forum or any electronic forum.

I have a 1990 300E 3.0 Mercedes that I have owned since 1992. I have babied this car and it has become like a member of the family. I recently upgraded the lighting to O.E.M. (Bosch) European style headlamps. I need a source for parts to complete the conversion. I would like to keep the headlight wiper/washer system and need to know where to obtain wiper motors (old ones do not fit), wiper arms and the wiper motor cover below the headlamp assembly.

I would also like to properly activate the headlight leveling system. From what little information I can obtain it appears to be a vacuum actuated system that is controled by some type of a regulator adjacent to or attached to the headlight switch. I found information at referring to a "low-g acceleration switch". Is this coupled to the headlight leveling system in some way?

Any information that you could spare would be greatly appreciated.
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