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ML 320 Throttle and Fuel Pump

Sorry to be posting so many questions in the last week, however i am amazed at the wealth of information on this website and the quality of replies people get from other owners and technicians. My question this time is I have had the throttle changed under warranty of course once already because it was sticky. the gas/power output was not at all jumpy but only the actual pedal itself. I just recently drove a new E class and M class and the both had identical throttle feels which were both far, no ions smoother than mine. Is there possibly something else going on here?

Also, I have taken my ML in once immediatly after purchase complaining of a high pitched whine from the drivers rear quarter panel. The sound was heard by a service rep and technician but at the time they said the problem could not be fixed because they were unable to duplicate the sound. However the car continued to make the noise and on my next service I said something again. This time they said that Mercedes has idenified the rather generic problem as an insufficient fuel filter size and that the part would be replaced under warranty only if they could get the noise to duplicate because policy does not allow them to replace parts in working order. I am getting rather upset because they have notes of the noise yet they still will not fix it. I am getting a little tired because sometimes I think they blow me off due to my age (22). It seems like I am in there every other month with some new complaint (ie rattle, warning light, broken sunroof)etc. These are not major problems but ones that are constant and I tell them often that I have never had this many problems with my lowly Jeep Cherokee and they just sort of laugh. I think I have a quasi-lemon sometimes because just recently I noticed that the rear passenger window makes a noise upon rolling up. My dad says we should demand to have the car sent back to Alabama to get fixed! So after ranting, my question is how can I get this fuel filter fixed if they car will not make the noise when I am at the dealer. It makes the noise often however I live 35 minutes away and dont really have the time to just drive there so they can hear the problem. What can I say to these people so I can get satisfactory service? Sorry to be so verbose.

2000 ML320
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