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Thanks for the info on the cold start. At least that's one less thing I have to worry about.

I'll answer your other questions as best I can.

Can the car be rev'ed when the fault occurs with the shift in neutral? Yes... not positive about neutral, but definitely in park. Engine seems to run fine until an attempt is made to actually drive somewhere.

Can the car be shut off and the fault immediately reoccur? Yes. Fault continues to occur even after waiting a period of time and/or disconnecting and reconnecting the battery.

Can 1st gear be selected? Sorry, no first gear option on my gearshift... D, 3, and 2. Fault does continue to occur when manually selecting either 3 or 2.

We've only been able to get the car to a dealer one time with the fault occurring. Unfortunately, my wife had had the car in a city 3 hrs. away when it happened... no DTC readout - she was told that the computer showed no faults. On other occasions when we've taken the car in after an event, we were also told that the computer showed no faults.

The car has ABS only... no ASR (at least, no dashboard indication of such a system). Acclerator pedal feedback seems normal when the fault is occuring. But, from what I've read, the problem does seem to mimic the throttle limiting action of an ASR system.

Hope this additional info sheds some additional light. Thanks