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500E Help!

I am new to this forum however if all goes right I'm sure I will be a frequent visitor. I need fast help from all thos experienced with 500E and 124 bodies in general. I'm about to put a deposit on a 93 500E with 84K miles but want your oppinnions. I had a 200 point inspection at Mercedes and found the following that needs attention:

New Front Brakes, Motor Mounts, Steering Gear Housing, Steering Pump, Steering Seals, oil pan gasket and other minor seals, repack front whl bearings, and some hoses.
The mechanic also stated that the shocks and struts will also need replacing but Im not sure if I agree with that. Would also like to know if the hydraulic load leveling has caused headaches for anyone.
Items already replaced include, rebuilt tranny 80K, new differential 40K, new radiator 60K, new belts, and about 25 other electrical components.

What do you think....I would love your oppinnions....I believe that actual owners know best what is normal and what isn't.

Thanks for the help!
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