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1989 560sl purchase advice

Its a black 1989 560 SL in San Jose thats been sitting for 3 years and has 108k miles on it. private owner

The service paper are more or less complete until 60k then there is a big gap until the current owner, who got it around 100k and has complete receipts.

Then at 104k the timing chain and chain tensioner as well as the valve gasket cover, cylinder heads are new. It had a complete head gasket and valve job and a new oil pump. Oil has been serviced and transmission fluid has been exchanged.

As far as I could see no rust. paint is immaculate. haven't seen soft top yet.

Here is what the MB inspection brought up:
Could you assess the prices at a indepentdent shoppe for each repair and the urgency of repair for me? What can I leave as it is if I can live with it and what definitly needs to be done shortly.

- muffler end pipe, rear part will last another 12-24 months, then exchange

- shocks are a little soft, but sealed tight

- small transmission leak

- sometimes clangs when shifting, so transmission needs inspection

- small leak in steering box

- eninge mounts have collapsed, although driving doenst feel rough

- rear flex disc has about had it, front one is ok. to me that sounds expensive

- spark plugs, plugwires need exchange

- air / fuel mix needs inspection, also the engine misfires from time to time

- left soft top window has a crack

- ac coolant ist he old cfc coolant. Does that need to be exchanged ?

How much it be if the transmission had to be replaced ?

Is it worth buying ? They are asking 15k$ right now. KBB says 13500$.


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