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W123 leaking wheel bearing grease?

For the last month or so I've noticed that both front wheels of the '85 seem to be getting especially dirty in the area of the hub (see photo). It looks like grease from the wheel bearing is leaking out and brake dust is collecting on it and making it more obvious. I usually keep the car cleaner than it now appears but we've had just enough rain to make washing the car impractical.

The wheel bearings have not been touched since I've had the car. They're not making any noise. I haven't yet jacked up the car to see whether the wheels will spin freely. The car has just under 230,000 miles total and I have no idea how old the wheel bearings are.

It seems as if the car is trying to tell me something but I don't understand (must be the German accent, hein?). If the bearings are getting hotter than they should be, that would cause the grease to flow, I suppose, and splash out of the bearing. If that is so, then it means I should pull the bearings out to clean and re-grease. Any other diagnoses or comments?

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