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I go thru these one-by-one:
Wheel bearings: Just replaced both front @90k, looked a bit rough so it was time (I drive my car VERY hard, to include track events)
Brakes: Wear item, to be expected
Steering gear housing: I presume this is the worm-and-roller mechanism: very common to leak, liekly just needs a reseal
Motor mounts: Also a wear item, at that mileage/age this is to be expected
Steering pump: Many need a re-sealing, as mine does at the moment (it's very minor, so I'm not sweating it)
Oil Pan Gasket-Never heard of this leaking on an M119, so I can't comment
Shocks/struts: Need replacing-why? Are they leaking? I can understand the fronts maybe getting a bit tired, but unless one of the rears is making noise or is leaking, they're likely fine. I've never had any problems with the load-leveling suspension in either of my so-equipped cars

New diff & rebuilt trans, eh? Did the former owner abuse the car? If I were you, I'd find someone that owns a 500E and have them take it for a ride.

Good luck, and hope to see you join "The Club"
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