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1st time in almost fifteen years

This may be out of topic but I am so excited that I just have to post it. First I want to thank Phil at FastLane for all his dedicated help. I recently opened a post asking help to id a part that leaks coolant for my 87 W124. When I called Phil, he e-mailed me three pics so I can id the part that I need. I placed the order Monday afternoon and did not expect it till Thursday or Friday. It was at my door step 9:00 a.m. Tuesday!!!!!! The exciting part is, I decided to install the new part myself this time without any help or paying people to do it. I was a little nervous since I have not worked on any of my car since the early 80s. Granted this is no rocket scientist stuff - to replace an auxiliary water pump, nothing compares to what you pros work on. But hey, its still been a while since I open my tool box. Just for insurance purpose, I lined up a local mechanic in case I massed up and I have a back up plan. Well, 15 minutes later, I had the new part installed. And not a drop of coolant on my driveway. Took the car out for a spin to make sure I have tightened everthing correctly, and boy does it feel good to accomplish something all by myself. Now, I am looking around under the hood to see what I can call Phil about!!!!
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