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re: reasons for rebuilds-

you may wish to examine the invoices in detail to determine what parts were replaced in the "re-builds"

I can't imagine a total rebuild of an MB tranny and MB rear end making sense when it only required minor parts replacement...I also can't imagine an MB dealership picking up the tab on replacing parts and/or a comprehensive rebuild when not merited (after all, they are a business and must make money somehow)

From my experience, a Factory Authorized Service Shop Foreman had mentioned to me that parts replaced under factory warranty were shipped back to Germany for review for these reasons:
1) Quality and Engineering Review of the part
2) As a control mechanism to ensure that fact auth service centers were not replacing parts unnecessarily under warranty

He added further that the dealership was charged back for the part if it was found to be replaced unnecessarily- and that the dealership was not credited for the cost of the part until the audit was completed.

If it were my decision, I'd make sure there's a warranty on the rebuilds, purchase an after-market warranty to address the 'used-car' risk, and (if pristine in all other areas) negotiate an ~ $20k or less purchase price

also,- see if you can identify the "electrical" and "sensors" replacement (from invoices) and post here, from our experience we can kinda figure out what the gremlin was that plagued it at that time


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