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Just an update on my car....
I've taken your good advice and
1) repaired the valve cover and front upper cover gasket
2) the air conditioning system.
3) Air Flow Sensor
4) New Radiator
5) 240,000 km (48,000km) service

Costed me a total of $3300 amazing deal I think. It's performed by an MB certified mechanic who has worked for MB for 24 years. He left MB and started his own business 2 years ago.

So far, there's no oil leak. When my car was being repaired, my mechanic lent me his 86 300E. It has a lot more power than my car (my car is a 1988). I asked him about it...and he told me that he had a valve job done 1 year ago. Honestly, his car drives like my car when it was new! He said that my car probably has a few cylinders losing compression.

My question is: will a valve job restore compression in the cylinders (hence restore power to the car) and prevent further oil leak? He said he can do it for ~$1500 CDN. Also, is there any way that I can check if my cylinders are losing compression?

Thanks in advance.

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