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Originally Posted by Jeremy5848 View Post
For the last month or so I've noticed that both front wheels of the '85 seem to be getting especially dirty in the area of the hub (see photo). It looks like grease from the wheel bearing is leaking out and brake dust is collecting on it and making it more obvious. I usually keep the car cleaner than it now appears but we've had just enough rain to make washing the car impractical.
When I repacked my front wheel bearings over the summer, I noticed the same thing. In my case through, it looked like the wrong grease had been used, causing the more volatile oils in it to creep out and literally drip off the hub. Looked like the previous mechanic had used the ordinary brown bearing grease instead of the green high-temp stuff MB sells.

To weight my grease, I just made a balance scale using a ruler & string, and used some coins as a counter weight.
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