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Originally Posted by Busch09 View Post
So if I could get it for around 8000$ would that be a good buy ?
From the 6-8 89ers I have seen so far, this is probably the best one, so I know I will have to put money in anyone I buy. All others had leaking engines, which I assume to be much more expensive.

Here the engine is good and was serviced 4k miles ago.

How bad are collapsed engine mounts ? Is that something you would immediatly fix or will most 20 year old cars have collapsed egine mounts and you just have to live with it ?

how much are they including hours at an indy ?
Usually the engine mounts are replaced when the front rubber subframe bushings are replaced. This one likely needs both. The job allows for both to be done as a group cheaper than doing separately. Depending on where you go, figure $500-$800. Do the front shocks at same time, another $250 or so. Makes a big difference in ride and handling.
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