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Yeah, apparently Fat Tuesday is next Tuesday, the 12th, but there is a parade everyday. I think I caught the first one last night.
I hustled on over to Bourbon St. as soon as I landed, about 6:00 p.m.
I had dinner at Mulate's, which is across the street from the casino's. Listened to a Cajun band and ate Crawfish Etufe (spelling??).
I humped the 8 or so blocks to Bourbon St., and on St. Charles St. I noticed there was a high school marching band, followed by floats. I stood in the crowd and the people wearing costumes on the floats starting throwing beads at you.
I got a whole bunch of beads, then high-tailed it to Bourbon St., but it was so cold (about 44 degrees and raining) that no woman would dare take her jacket off.
It's still cold but not raining. I might try it one more time. Everyone at the hotel and even taxi drivers assure me that girls willingly will negotiate with you to get these beads. I can't figure out why they want the beads so much, but I'll try to oblige them. lol.

Brake fluid - by the replies so far, it does seem that everyone is changing their brake fluid every 1-2 years.

Anybody have any comments on power steering fluid??
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