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It is about time.

I am glad to see this "leaked" report.

It has been too long for MB, especially the arrogant MBNA, to deny any problems MB cars have even though head gasket, MAS, and wiring harness are failing left and right on the straight 6-cylinder engines.

Other MB lists have parallel discussions about this topic after the leaked report.

One day, it will be too late for Daimler Benz, Oooops, is it Daimler Chrysler now, to reverse this downward spiral. The three pointed star alone won't lure customers, at least not those who actually want to drive the cars, not "limp home."

Speaking of Limp home, this was on another MB list.

A guy bought a 95 S600. The ASR light came on in test drive so he asked the dealer to check it out. Do you want to know what the dealer say? EVERYTHING IS NORMAL.

One month later, the car wanted to "limp home". Dealer checked it out, it needs ASR related electronic stuffs, $6,000. Was he mad.

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