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Idler pulley assembly troubles

85 190D has been running like a swiss watch for the last 15K, change the oil, fill up the tank and motor on - until tonight. After a short warm up I started out only to have all of the warning lights come on. Picked up the hood and the front of the engine compartment was bathed in oil and belt was partially off the idler. Pulled back into the garage, removed the fan shroud to find that the idler pulley assembly was caty-wompus. Took out the tension spring and damper bolts and the whole thing came off. Casting that all attaches to broke in a circular pattern around the rocker assembly - one can look right in at the timing chain.

I have the 84 in the other bay with all but the head off and could conceivably swap the part, but before I get too far along it would be most helpful to know if this is a cast cover that can be removed or an integral part of the block. I need the damn car tomorrow, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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