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you had asked in your last post the list of electricals which were replaced and here they are....
radiator cracked/replaced, oil pressure sensor, oil pan gasket leaking/replaced, accelerator actuator, leaking rear shock absorber/replaced, pressure reservoir leak, ABS B electronic control unit, ABS wiring harness, oil level sensor and gasket, crankshaft seal leak, power steering pump leak, fore/aft adjustment of front seat, rear axle speed sensor, A/C compressor low pressure, impulse transmitter in rear axle, front wheel bearing problem 11k, electric rear window shade, front power seat switch, vacuum line hose leak, LH control unit, fan clutch, oxygen sensor, speed sensor rear axle

As you'll notice some items appeared more than once. All of these items were once replaced either under warranty or after warranty. Let me know what you think and thanks again.

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