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my uncle owns a body shop in s. illinois, and through talking to him, i have learned a little bit about auto body repair. Firstly(doesn't have a hole lot to do with this case but...) the myth that a car isn't ever as good as it was before the wreck is exactly that, a myth, AS LONG AS THE REPAIR IS DONE PROPERLY,he couldn't emphasize that enough. Secondly, he also told me that they charge significantly higher the their competition, but they also do MUCH better work. Mixing paint and sanding takes time(trust me, i've watched), and someone who takes 5 hours to do job will get better results then the person who takes three. Period. I'd go to the recomended shop, especially if you have the cash. Not only will that shop do a better job, they will also be concerned with their reputation, if they screw up and you want it fixed. Just my thoughts,
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