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C36 AMG wiring harness


I have recently purchased a 95 C36 and had been blissfully enjoying its superb performance when a mechanic at the dealer told me that my wiring harness is failing. Upon reaching home, I checked the one connected to the thermostat and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets when I saw that the wires inside the fabric sheath were ALMOST BARE! Further prying showed that insulation had failed and crumbles at the slightest motion.

Needless to say I was terror-stricken and my mind was filled with visions of short-circuits, sparks and fried expensive computers!

Can somebody please tell me which harnesses to replace, where they are located so I can check if they are failing, where to get them and the approximate price.

The local dealer wants too much $$$ for it and wont tell me the part number(s) of the harnesses that need to be replaced.

BTW, I just stumbled on this forum. It never showed up in my GOOGLE searches for "C36". This is by far the most comprehensive forum on Benzes I have found yet.


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