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Had similar thing on my wife's 94 Jetta - at dusk you couldn't tell if headlights were on - brights seemed as if they were dims. They were so bad oncoming traffic never flicked their lights when she had her brights on.Everything checked normal. I have replaceable halogen bulbs in the Jetta. I went to an automotive store that was very helpful. It was dark out. He took 4 different brands of bulbs out to my car and started changing the driver's side bulb - three made little or no difference the fourth was 40% brighter. It was a while back but I believe they were Sylvania Blue Dot Halogens. The difference was when you look at the car from the front with the lights on - the Sylvania ones put out a blue white light where the other ones put out yellow white light. Apparently they use these new bulbs on new cars from the factory. Worth a try. The sylvania ones were double the price but well worth it.
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