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Some news from China made me nervous about the MB's current quality and the attitude towards their customers.

A SLK owner had his brand new SLK230 fixed 6 times a year, though one might never know the truth of how MB was dealing with him, the result was the owner destroyed his SLK in front of the city hall, and started law suit against MB China later.

A ML320 owner, since he bought the 4X4, also has it repaired 8 times, from window motors to cupholder, at last it stalled intermittently, the most funny thing was windows motor was constantly broken, sometimes when he parked his car outside overnight, he had to have one of his security guards sleep in the car. Later he even hired an oxcart to tow this 4X4 to humiliate MB, he also launched lawsuit against MB with several C class owners.

In the day the court opened, MB refused to present to the court, and claimed the defendant name on the paper was "Mercedes Benz", which does not exist any more, they claimed that Daimler Chrysler only had representative offices in China, only accepted summons to Daimler Chrysler headquarter.

I used to live in China for more than 20 years, there everybody had been thinking that MB made the best cars, when I was a child, there was a rumor that whoever saw a MB stalled on the road, MB would pay him/her $10,000, several years ago, I could see more MBs in Beijing that in most of North American cities, but now MB is destroying its legends by itself, in these events, it was not the product quality but MB's attitude that worried me, and from what I have heard, this happened all of the world, I hope Mr. Schrimp has already started to do something before everything is too late.
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