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Are the gaskets leaking, or are you just concerned about the edge of the gasket sticking out? If you are not getting any noise or exhaust coming out of there, I wouldn't mess with it.

You car is probably not much different than my 1989, although you are in Ca. You need to pull the fan shroud, fan, Alt., P/S pump, distributor, (yeah it gets in the way), and the lower radiator hose. Good time to replace hoses and belts, as most of the work gets done doing the timing chain. There was a little plastic guy in the back of the P/S pump, that takes the tension from the allen head bolt you use to tighten the belt that was broken on my car. Cheap part, I ended up running to the dealership for it. Didn't want to put it back broken. You might also want to buy an extra dowel pin for the guide rails. Easy to butch them up pulling them out, if you use a homemade tool. Check my posts on doing the timing chain. I think I captured a lot of the details there.

Best of luck. E mail or post if I can help you out.

Stick a clean rag in the opening under the cam gears. It has an unusually strong suction for small parts!
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