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Prior to my c280, which had to have the fuel sensors changed because of the erratic, dancing fuel gauge, I had a Jetta which, on my trip routine, hit the 1/4 tank at 100, 1/2 at 200, 3/4 at 300 and presumably would have hit 400 at empty. It was a nice thing to have and it was probably due to a number of circumstances (my particular combination of fwy/street driving, AND somehow having a very linear gauge), it makes you wonder why that technology hasn't improved. After all, they have the technology to determine how many seconds of fuel is left to burn in jets and rockets (i realize the difference in $$, but still) why can't a basic, important gauge be improved upon??? Who cares how "clear and readable the gauge layout is" if the information is crappy and unreliable? We're in the 21st century and we're still guesstimating how much gas is in our tanks, if we're not getting dizzy first with the dancing gauge on our cutting edge, "luxury" cars. And so, yes, I have seen a linear gauge, but no little green men, yet.
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